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Netflix releases trailer for live action series ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’

Manila Bulletin 07 Dec 2023
“To what extent CGI-characters can be shown ... Moreover, as many of the actors were not used to working with CGI during shoots, the production team came up with various ideas to help the actors perform, including having a stunt person wear blue clothes and fight opposite the actor.

18 Weeks to Shoot 30 Seconds: Behind the Scenes of ‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget’

The Hollywood Reporter 06 Dec 2023
Elsewhere, the production was able to integrate CGI and stop-frame live during the shoot ... The animators were also required to not lick the puppets they were working with, apparently a common tactic to touch them up during shoots ... Bella Ramsey Recorded Her Lines While Shooting The Last of Us.

Ridley Scott’s fast and furious Napoleon biopic

New Statesman 17 Nov 2023
In an interview with Empire magazine, he said ... The big battle scenes – Toulon, Marengo, Austerlitz, Borodino, Waterloo – are all spectacularly staged productions by this great dictator of cinema, using both real sets with real troops, and CGI. Scott storyboards everything himself (“Ridleygrams”) before shooting ... A thunderous soundtrack bowls us along.

Jigarthanda DoubleX - twice as nice

Tamil Guardian 11 Nov 2023
Article Author. . Krishna Selvaseelan. Amidst the conversation for reigning king of Tamil commercial cinema, a name that is wrongfully often overlooked is Karthik Subbaraj ... The intertextual references are more precise ... The CGI looks cheap at times, most likely due to the budget and the choice of shooting daytime sequences for these portions ... ___ ... .

Loki Season 2 is a wonderful response to those who say Marvel is just a ...

Hindustan Times 07 Nov 2023
Any cinematographer like me will embrace any opportunity to shoot low-key ... So there's a tremendous amount of limitations that come into play when you're shooting on location. Location work is always a beautiful reminder of how lucky you are to shoot in the studio.

Most fake games in movies and TV are ridiculous, but this horror nails a spooky ...

Rock, Paper, Shotgun 04 Nov 2023
... while their colleagues stare aghast at a TV screen looping a three-second clip of shoddy CGI ultraviolence. "The objective is to run over babies in your minivan while shooting cops and other players.

Nic Cage’s Flash Cameo Was Originally Much Different

The Escapist 02 Nov 2023
Nic Cage’s infamously bad CGI cameo in The Flash was a poorly handled, unsurprising mess of an attempt to cash in on a film that was never made, but it could have been much different ... It was CGI, OK, so that they could de-age me, and I’m fighting a spider.

Little Simz at Roseland Theater: unabashed swagger and authentically heartfelt performances

Daily Emerald 04 Oct 2023
She kicked off her set with “Silhouette,” and the first 15 seconds showed three gospel singers slowly raising their arms in a CGI backscreen chanting the lyrics ... with slightly changing CGI backscreens ... The CGI changed from black and white to an abrasive red with flames shooting up.

There Have Been Complaints, But Ahsoka Is Great. In Fact, Disney+’s Star Wars Shows Have Been Epic

Cinema Blend 16 Sep 2023
In fact, all the Disney+ Star Wars shows have been pretty epic so far ... Many of them could benefit from more practical shoots rather than hanging out at The Volume, the CGI de-aging and AI voice replication both need refining, and I know not the only one who was dismayed when The Book of Boba Fett started feeling more like The Mandalorian Season 2.5.

Vishal answers if Mark Antony can survive the Jawan onslaught in theatres: 'You get a film like this once in ten years'

Indian Express 14 Sep 2023
Everything fell in place with the right producer, choreographer, and stuntman.\u201d Interestingly, the film\u2019s shooting didn\u2019t happen separately for the two timelines, which are 20 years apart ... Since Mark Antony is a time travel movie, it is CGI-heavy.

7 Clever Ways Movies Hid Their Stunt Doubles

What Culture 27 Aug 2023
The whole point of stunt performers is to blend into a shot without the audience noticing, and so, because they're not meant to be seen, Hollywood has to get creative with how it elects to stage and shoot these particular moments. Whether it's through CGI, clever use of camera ...

The Flash Movie Cameos: Who's Who And How They Fit Into The DC Multiverse

Cinema Blend 25 Aug 2023
Needless to say that SPOILERS for The Flash are ahead! ... Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman ... (Image credit ... Although Cage later voiced Superman in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, The Flash brought the actor in to cameo onscreen as the Man of Steel, shooting his scene through volumetric capture and de-aging him with CGI ... .

4 Times Egypt Was Featured in Iconic Hollywood Films

Egyptian Streets 22 Aug 2023
Instead, the filmmakers used a mix of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and dedicated sets to bring ancient Egypt – or at times, modern Egypt – to life ... The filmmakers used a combination of (CGI, built sets, and location shoots to recreate Egypt as the backdrop of the film. Most of the location shoots depicting Cairo were filmed in Marrakech, Morocco.

'We just didn’t eat': When Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland prepped for a role in USD 93 million movie just like Christian Bale's role in cult classic

Pinkvilla 22 Aug 2023
'We just didn’t eat'. When Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland prepped for a role in USD 93 million movie just like Christian Bale's role in cult classic. Key Highlight ... The film was shot with utmost priority to authenticity and very less CGI was used. Tom recalled when they had to eat nothing on the set, while shooting ... .

Need a ghoul? A mushroom creature? Someone’s face to slide off? They’ve got you covered

The Los Angeles Times 21 Aug 2023
After all, her parents applied the makeup and they make monsters for a living ... The couple met in Budapest on the set of a movie they'd just as soon forget, but Barrie vividly remembers spotting his wife-to-be in the production's CGI department. 'We met on the first day and got together on Friday at the start-shoot party,' he recalls ... Barrie ... Barrie ... .

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